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Thursday 9 July 2020
Ul. Strefowa, 3,
58-130 Zarow
Phone: (+48) 746 409 100

Fax: (+48) 746 409 110

E-mail: info@colorobbia.pl


Colorobbia Polska Sp. z o.o thanks you for the confidence you place in the Company and advises you that the information you provide us about yourself will be included on files used for handling job candidatures. If you do not give your consent for the treatment of your data you cannot be considered a candidate in future selection processes.

The information provided will be treated in confidence by Colorobbia Polska Sp. z o.o, and by all those entities which, given the purpose and objective of data collection, may intervene in the selection processes. Consequently, you expressly authorize that all the data about yourself are treated electronically and certify that it is true and current information about yourself.

You may contact Colorobbia Polska Sp. z o.o to request to consult, modify or cancel the information provided or subsequent cancellation of its treatment, by writing to this address: ul. Strefowa 3, 58-130 Zarow for the attention of the Company Security Officer in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DPA). (for comment)

Likewise, you authorize Colorobbia Polska Sp. z o.o to hold this information and any which may arise during the selection processes in which it may be used for a period of 2 years, in order to be considered as a candidate for future vacancies.