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Sunday 23 February 2020

Frits Gruppo Colorobbia product

The frits that Colorobbia Polska Zp. z o.o. sells, which are developed and manufactured by other companies in the Gruppo Colorobbia, are the result of a careful selection of the best raw materials from all over the world.

Pigments Gruppo Colorobbia product

Our pigments, produced within Gruppo Colorobbia companies, are metal oxides with complex inorganic structures. They are available in powders, with a particle size which guarantees their easy dispersal...

Glazes Gruppo Colorobbia product

Glazes and Engobes are the most frequently used materials in industrial and artistic ceramics. Proper formulation of their components allows optimal adaptation to the different types of firing, technologies and application systems.

Screen Printing Bases Gruppo Colorobbia product

These are powder glazes which enable printing of a ceramic design on the surface of a ceramic piece using current decorative techniques, both by means of a flat screen printing machine and rotary ones.

Special Products

  • Crushed frits
  • Atomized and Pelletized
  • Triple fired decorative products
  • Glass decoration products

Although of a very different kind, these are products which because of their technical and artistic characteristics, bring great added value to the finished product.

Crushed frits

A vitreous material which is usually applied dry. It is designed from a suitable selection of the raw material, by studying and restricting its granulometric distribution depending on the desired ceramic effect.

It is most used in the Special Pieces (Complements) segment, characterized mainly by third firing. It is increasingly employed in other technologies, mainly: vitreous enamels for monoporous, non-slip ceramics flooring, highly artistic polished porcelain flooring, etc.

Atomized and Pelletized Powders

These are materials to be used in making ceramic pieces by means of double-load pressing. They have highly controlled physical granulometric distribution and fluidity parameters and their wide range of types cover a very broad colour spectrum because of the diversity of granulometric shapes and distributions, composition and resulting ceramic effect.

Triple fired decorative products

For over 50 years the Gruppo Colorobbia, via its Aurobit Division, has been supplying precious metal based products for artistic and industrial decoration of glass, ceramic and porcelain.

These products consist of precious metals such as Gold, Silver or Platinum, which by means of a thermal treatment after being deposited on the ceramic piece to form a metallic film, intimately bonded to the surface of the article. By combining these compounds it is possible to obtain a wide range of colours and effects: Glossy or matt gold, glossy or matt platinum, polishes, etc. which together with other Triple fired Decorative products, constitute the extensive catalogue of this division of Colorobbia products.

Glass decoration products

Within the Gruppo Colorobbia, this Glass Division supplies the whole of the flat and hollow decorative glass industry via its worldwide sales and technical service.

Our decorative or externally embossed products, already used by the most important manufacturers in the world, are very well received on all continents. Their use has extended to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging sector as bottles, both returnable (washable) and non-returnable (one-way), glasses, tableware, etc.

Within the range, lead and lead-free (HMF) glazes may be found.

Similarly, for "BULK COLOURING" technology, we have developed a product for use by this technology, via "a colour concentrate". This, mixed with melted glass, will enable it to be coloured in a wide variety of colours. This method of colouring glass in bulk gives high added value to the finished product.